Recital Music

I have been slack with this, but today I listened to some of (well most of) the music that I am playing for my recital this fall and my audition music. It still haven’t found a good recording of The Devil’s Tale by James Stephenson… I found one on youtube, but there is no indication where any movements start. I’ll have to play that one though and though sometime soon to find out where each excerpt is.

1. Dance Preludes: Witold Lutoslawski (Time: 10:13)

2. Parable for Solo Clarinet: Vincent Persichetti (Time: 6:10) (okay video, only one I could find)

3. Bucolique: Eugene Bozza (Time 8:40) (I love everything about this recording)

4. Clarinet Concerto: Mozart (Time 10:12)

5.Sonata’s 1 and 2: Brahms (Time 1: 23.05) (Time 2: 20:24)
These are still up in the air about which one I am playing, my professor told me to get both.

The Devil’s Tale: James Stephenson


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